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Whether you’re seeking to furnish a home during a short term rental or while waiting for your own furniture to arrive or simply seeking an easy long term option, Renta Centre can offer you a cheap and convenient home furniture rental solution.

We are a one stop shop for rental furniture, whitegoods and electronics for the home. Our home rental items include bedroom furniture and beds, sofas and lounge furniture, dining settings, fridges, TVs and much more! Renta Centre offers discounts when you rent more than one item, which enables you to save more by packaging.

Our rental terms are flexible and can be extended as needed if for any reason you require your rental goods for longer. Additionally, we deliver directly to you and install free of charge, so you don’t need to worry about the fuss of transport and installation.

To make a no-obligation rental enquiry, simply select the items you would like to rent or call one of our helpful Renta Centre staff on 02 9310 1999 who can assist you with your requirements.

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