Risk Protection Plan

As part of our Responsible Renting Policy, Renta Centre has developed an optional Risk Protection Plan which helps renters to reduce the risks of damage to rental property during their contract term. Renters are responsible for any damage to Renta Centre’s goods during the term of their hire. Such damage may not be covered under an insurance policy – it is always up to the renter to check. Even in instances where rental goods are covered under an insurance policy, the excess on the policy may be expensive and future premiums can be adversely impacted. Renta Centre’s optional Risk Protection Plan is designed to help renters in these situations by offering cost effective risk reduction for theft or damage outside of the renter’s control.
How our Risk Protection Plan works:

To complete a Risk Protection Plan application or to review the detailed terms and conditions please click here.

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  • Send an enquiry, we would love to hear from you

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