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  • Rent or hire Small LCD/LED television

    Small LCD/LED TV with DVD (55cm)

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  • Rent or hire Ideal for a small pad or the bedroom

    Medium LCD/LED TV (66cm)

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  • Rent or hire Big screen, small price!

    Large Plasma/LCD/LED TV (100 – 106cm)

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  • Rent or hire Extra large size for cinema quality viewing

    Extra Large Plasma/LCD/LED TV (121-127cm)

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Hire a TV from Renta Centre, Sydney’s leading short term television rental company. Our range of quality LCD/LED TV rental options has got you covered, and our flexible rental plans mean you can rent for as long or short as you like! We are specialists in TV hire and can help you to select the right size television to rent. Our TV’s can also be used as a display device for your computer (as long as you have the necessary connections) so you can watch youtube videos and anything else from your computer or the internet on your TV too!

Renting a TV enables you to keep up to date with the latest technology without the huge upfront costs or locking yourself into an expensive payment plan. With Renta Centre we make it even easier by delivering direct to you and providing free installation!

Call Renta Centre today on 02 9310 1999 to discuss your TV rental needs.

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