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Do I rent or buy? – Our guide to helping you decide whether to rent appliances and furniture or buy them.

Life throws us all curve balls. You might come home one day to find your fridge no longer working and it’s full of fresh food. Or you have a friend or family member visiting from afar and nowhere for them to sleep. Or you’ve moved into a share house and nobody wants the responsibility and cost of acquiring the essential appliances and furniture that you all will share. This is when renting appliances and furniture starts to make great sense.


Which type of washing machine is best for me? – Our guide to washing machine rental

You might be looking for a replacement washing machine because your current one has packed it in or just wanting an upgrade. However like so many people you are unsure which type to get and decide to rent a washing machine for a while to test before you buy. Both options, front loading and top loading, have their pros and cons. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you make the decision as to which type of washing machine rental will best suit to your needs.