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Which type of washing machine is best for me? – Our guide to washing machine rental

You might be looking for a replacement washing machine because your current one has packed it in or just wanting an upgrade. However like so many people you are unsure which type to get and decide to rent a washing machine for a while to test before you buy. Both options, front loading and top loading, have their pros and cons. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you make the decision as to which type of washing machine rental will best suit to your needs.


As the name suggests, front load washing machines have the door in the front. This is great if you need a flat surface to store your laundry basket (ideal for apartment living) but not so good if you have a bad back! If space is at a real premium, you can even stack your dryer on top of a front loader which isn’t possible with the top loading option. This is great for people who rent because landlords most probably won’t allow you to mount a rental dryer or washing machine to the wall of the laundry.

Ever put a load on to wash and found that stray sock that managed to escape the laundry basket? Well, with a top loader it is simple enough to pop open the lid and throw it in, which you can’t do with a front loader because once the cycle starts the door locks to avoid the possibility of flooding, and doesn’t release until the end of the cycle. Consequently, spatial considerations and practicality is of key importance when considering washing machine hire or clothes dryer hire.


Front load washing machines generally tend to be more efficient (and quieter) than top load washing machines. They normally consume less water and electricity and also tend to be gentler on your clothes as there is no agitator inside causing friction with the clothes (this friction actually causes more lint too – bet you didn’t know that!). On the flip side, front load washer cycles tend to take longer than top loaders do. Some top load washers can do a quick cycle in around thirty minutes whereas the shortest cycle on a front loader is generally around 60 minutes or more. So taking into account the cycle times and how quickly you’d like to complete your wash cycles is important when choosing a hire washing machine.

Cost and Maintenance

Front load washing machines have a higher upfront purchase cost so you need to consider whether the additional initial cost will pay off over time with the efficiency gains based on your personal situation and wash frequency. So before you decide, why not rent a washing machine (front loader or top loader) to assess your preference before shelling out for a permanent replacement.  Additionally, Renta Centre provides a full guarantee on any repairs or breakdowns of the washing machine (provided it is not due to user error) and will replace your rental machine immediately.

If you are in Sydney and need to update your washing machine or trial a front or top loader before purchasing, contact Renta Centre on (02) 9310 1999 or by email about our washing machine rental options and for friendly advice, fast service and flexible affordable washing machine hire deals.

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