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Do I rent or buy? – Our guide to helping you decide whether to rent appliances and furniture or buy them.

Life throws us all curve balls. You might come home one day to find your fridge no longer working and it’s full of fresh food. Or you have a friend or family member visiting from afar and nowhere for them to sleep. Or you’ve moved into a share house and nobody wants the responsibility and cost of acquiring the essential appliances and furniture that you all will share. This is when renting appliances and furniture starts to make great sense.

Below are some of the main reasons why you might choose to hire appliances, furniture and exercise equipment rather than purchase.

No large capital outlay

Household appliances and furniture are generally not cheap to buy and the costs escalate once you find yourself needing multiple items. Renting takes away the hassle and cost of acquiring furniture and appliances and frees up your time to enjoy them. At Renta Centre, we’ve done the leg work for you by sourcing furniture and appliances from reputable manufacturers so you can just sit back and enjoy. No need to outlay large sums of cash, smash the credit card or get involved in expensive buyer finance to get that item for the household that you need or want! Our low weekly rental rates make it cheap and easy for you to get the items you need or want in your home now.

Also if you are not sure how a new piece of furniture or appliance will work in your space, renting is an excellent, no risk alternative to buying the incorrect item and then being stuck with it or finding yourself needing to sell the item only to have to source a replacement.

Flexible terms with no long term commitments

At Renta Centre we understand that everyone’s situation is unique and that’s why we offer varying flexible rental terms of 1, 3 or 6 months with no long term contracts. Even if your circumstances mean you would like to rent for longer but you aren’t sure exactly how much longer, our rolling month to month contract after the initial rental term means you can have your rental goods collected whenever it suits you.

Free installation and no ongoing maintenance costs

Renta Centre’s friendly delivery team will place your furniture and appliance hire items in your home where you need them and setup/connect them so they are ready for you to use straight away. All our rental appliances are maintained and tested prior to delivery, however if an item is faulty or breaks down, by no fault of the renter, we will swap out the item free of charge.

This all makes life easy for you by taking away the stress and fuss of acquiring goods and leaves you with peace of mind that for the life of your rental any maintenance or break down issues are covered at no cost to you. Simple!

House sharing

If you’ve ever lived in a share house, you’re probably familiar with the delicate balance sometimes required to maintain peace and harmony between house mates! This balance can become upset when one persons items are being used by all. Grievances can come to light if a shared item breaks down or is damaged and it becomes the item owners responsibility to repair or replace. Aside from the fact that someone else’s (stinky) laundry is being processed in your own washing machine, for example.

This is another situation where renting furniture and appliances makes perfect sense. Renta Centre’s appliance and furniture hire options with flexible terms can help make your share house life more zen by taking away the initial substantial cost to purchase household items as well as set aside the need to budget for ongoing repair and maintenance issues. Renting is hassle free and the smarter choice.

Seasonal needs

Let’s face it, at different times of the year we all need different things in our homes. Over the winter you may want a treadmill and over Christmas it would be nice to have that extra bed or fridge for when the relo’s come over to stay.

Buying all these seasonal goods can put a large hole in your wallet and you’ll need storage for the times of the year you aren’t using them. Renting a treadmill, exercise bike for a few months or hiring a fridge for a few weeks is definitely the smarter option.

If you are in Sydney and have a need for appliances, furniture or exercise equipment, contact Renta Centre on (02) 9310 1999 or by email about our great appliance, furniture and gym equipment rental options and for friendly advice, fast service and flexible affordable hire deals.

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Renta Centre offers a range of affordable short term furniture hire and appliance and white goods rentals that can be tailored to suit any budget. So whether you are looking rent a bed short term, a fridge or washing machine rental or any other furniture and appliance hire.

Send an enquiry, we would love to hear from you

  • Send an enquiry, we would love to hear from you

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