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Why rent from Renta Centre?

  • Renting is the smarter option!

    At Renta Centre we are all about helping you to improve your lifestyle, no matter what your circumstances or budget.

    Our wide variety of furniture, appliance, exercise equipment, TV and digital radio rentals on offer, low rates and flexible terms, provides everyone with an opportunity to rent and save!

    There are many reasons why renting household or office furniture, appliances and electronics from Renta Centre is the smarter option.

    Renting is the smarter option!
  • Cost effective

    Renting provides an affordable and flexible alternative to buying products up front and avoids the need to get into debt or inflexible payment plans.

    At Renta Centre you can rent the items you need immediately, for as long as it suits you. Our rental plans enable you to better manage your budget and save, while enjoying the household items you want NOW!

    So maybe it’s an extra TV or digital radio for the bedroom, your washing machine is old and needs replacing, you want to trial a treadmill at home or you simply want to upgrade your lifestyle with great quality furniture and appliances without large upfront costs. In all of these scenarios, renting makes sense and enables you to stretch your dollar further while staying in control.

    Cost effective
  • Low unbeatable weekly prices

    We’ve already shopped around and guarantee our prices won’t be beaten. Compare our prices to our competitors and you will find your dollar goes further when renting from Renta Centre!

    Low unbeatable weekly prices
  • Flexible rental options

    At Renta Centre we understand that everyone has different living circumstances. Some people only want a temporary solution, while others want longer options for their furniture, appliance and electronics rental.

    At Renta Centre you can rent for 1,3 or 6 months, after which you can choose to extend if you like (indefinite term rental). Regardless of your rental term, when you are done, simply call us and we will pick-up the items with no stress or fuss.

    Flexible rental options
  • No long term commitments

    At Renta Centre we have no lock in long term contracts. You pick from our short term 1, 3 or 6 month options. Simply call us to book it in and we will pick up your rental items at the end of your chosen rental period, with no hidden charges or payments.

    No long term commitments
  • Convenience

    With Renta Centre, the convenience of acquiring furniture, appliances, TVs or exercise equipment for your home has never been easier!

    Simply select the items you want from our website and complete our fast and easy online application process. We will call you and arrange the rest.

    The convenience of renting versus owning is also appealing. If you only want the items for a short time, lack storage options for when you want to travel or head back home, renting is the smarter option!

  • Fast and easy delivery straight to you

    Renta Centre provides fast & easy delivery, direct to your residence.

    This eliminates the expense and time involved in finding your own transport.

    Delivery is generally available from 24 hours after we complete your application.

    Fast and easy delivery straight to you
  • Free installation and service

    Our helpful delivery staff will install and setup your items free of charge.

    All of our items at Renta Centre are maintained and tested before they are delivered. However, If any of your rentals items are faulty or break down during your rental term, through no fault of your own, we will replace the item free of charge. No stress, no fuss.

    Another great reason to rent from Renta Centre!

    Free installation and service
  • Easy credit policy

    Our credit checking policy is quick and easy.

    Easy credit policy
  • The Renta Centre difference

    Renta Centre has a proud 30 year operating history and has served thousands of customers. Our goal is for our customers to have a positive hire experience each and every time.

    What sets us apart?

    • Quality furniture, appliances and electronics at unbeatable prices
    • Transparency across all our rental terms and conditions
    • True flexibility in our rental packages
    • Quick credit checking process that enables everyone an opportunity to rent
    • Excellent customer service throughout our entire organisation

    With our 30 year operating history of making customers happy all across Sydney, you can rely on Renta Centre!

    The Renta Centre difference