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Extra Large Plasma/LCD/LED TV (121-127cm)

Extra large size for cinema quality viewing

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Product Description

Extra Large 121-127cm plasma/LCD/LED TV screen rental with excellent picture and sounds quality. If you have a generous living space, why not rent this huge 121-127cm widescreen TV to enjoy all your favourite TV shows and movies. Featuring slimline widescreen display, built in stereo speakers, digital tuner & multiple AV inputs to name a few.

Hire a plasma/LCD/LED TV from Renta Centre for peace of mind when it comes to home appliances.

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  • 121-127cm Plasma/LCD/LED TV with Built in HD Tuner
  • Invisible speaker with stereo sound
  • Multiple AV inputs including HDMI, VGA
  • Built in desktop swivel stand
  • Weekend / 2-3 day rental available
  • Special event prices apply